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Bridesmaid Dress Fashion Trending

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White Barn Events, a Tulsa wedding venues, sees a lot of different action in the bridesmaid dress department. Bridesmaids dresses! Every bridesmaids’ potential nightmare. Will they be pretty? Will they be flattering? Or will the bride make her maids look like actual oompaloompas just so she shines even brighter on her big day?! Nah I […]

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Open Bar or Open Starbucks?

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Many Tulsa wedding venues see all kinds of receptions. And many Tulsa wedding venues see a lot of open bar receptions. Well here is a question: Open bar or open Starbucks? Let’s be real, which sounds better? Apparently, everyone thinks an open bar at a wedding is the bee’s knees. But is it really? It’s […]

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Let Your Style Reflect You!

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There are many styles of decorating for weddings and many Tulsa wedding venues see all kinds of different and unique styles. Most brides bring in their personal style to be reflected on their special day. At White Barn, one of Tulsa wedding venues that is an indoor and outdoor venue, we see so many different […]

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Wedding Pictures and Wedding Seasons

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Tulsa wedding venues see many, many weddings throughout the seasons. Some seasons are more popular than others. The fall weddings seem to be the most popular followed by the spring, summer, and winter respectively. Picking your wedding season can sometimes be affected by many things. One reason people might pick the season they want is […]