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Wedding Pictures and Wedding Seasons

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Tulsa wedding venues see many, many weddings throughout the seasons. Some seasons are more popular than others. The fall weddings seem to be the most popular followed by the spring, summer, and winter respectively. Picking your wedding season can sometimes be affected by many things. One reason people might pick the season they want is […]

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The Magic of the Photography

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At Tulsa wedding venues, taking pictures on the wedding day is one of the biggest, most time-consuming proceedings of the entire wedding day! Of course, we know this is because it is the only real lasting documentation you will have of one of the most important days of your life. The day that will last […]

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Wedding Dress Blues!

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At Tulsa wedding venues all over the city, brides are wearing the most glamorous and elegant wedding dresses for their big day. It makes you wonder how much money was actually spent on the dress itself. With so many other expenses for the wedding, what is a reasonable amount to spend on a wedding dress? […]

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Up Your Floral Game with New Floral Ideas!

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Tulsa wedding venues come alive with all the floral beauty at weddings! It can be the floral arrangements or lack of that makes the difference in the wedding décor. The simple and natural beauty of flowers is something that can’t be duplicated and can only enhance your overall aesthetic. At White Barn, we love to […]

Raising the Food Bar

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At Tulsa wedding venues, all kinds of food bars and food ideas are new and fresh on the wedding scene. It is very inspirational to see all the creative food ideas that are trending.  So if you are planning a wedding in the near future, buckle your seatbelt and open your mind to some new, […]