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Crazy and Fun Wedding Photos

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Throughout all Tulsa Wedding Venues, wedding photos are on the top of the list for the bride and groom. They want to make sure they have all the good shots, traditional and personal. So if you have gathered your list of wedding shots you want to include in your photographer’s shot list, think about adding […]

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Writing Your Wedding Vows

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Wedding vows are an intimate and very crucial part of the wedding ceremony in any Tulsa wedding venues. A lot can come into play when deciding on what to say for your personal wedding vows. Tulsa wedding venues have witnessed a vast variety of wedding vows that are influenced by different cultures, religions, and even […]

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Planning your Engagement Photos

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If you have already secured your chosen Tulsa wedding venues, then you can start planning other things that have to be done before your wedding. At the top of your list should be engagement photos. You will need engagement photos taken to send out engagement notices, save the dates, and/or for your wedding invitation. Your […]

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The Art of Chalkboards for Weddings

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Many Tulsa wedding venues have had an increase in the brides who adorn their wedding with chalkboards. It has become increasingly popular and is a great way to personalize your wedding and inform your guests. Many Tulsa wedding venues have chalkboards at your disposal so it isn’t even something you would need to purchase. Even […]

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May God Bless Pinterest!

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Tulsa wedding venues have all benefited from the one place that everyone goes for ideas. What on earth would we do without Pinterest? This social media site has single-handedly been the saving grace for so many women out there. From recipes, to outfit ideas, to makeup tips, Pinterest is the place to go for your […]

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New Wedding Cake Ideas

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At many Tulsa wedding venues, there is a new trend in wedding cakes. Some brides are opting out of the traditional wedding cake for some new, updated ideas. Though the white, three- tiered wedding cakes are traditional and classic, there are some new cake ideas showing up. One of the most popular choices currently is […]