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The Day in the Life of a Flower Girl

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Weddings are the dreamiest of events especially if you booked yours at your favorite Tulsa wedding venues. They can be a lot of work but also a lot of fun. It is a time for family and friends to gather around and celebrate a commitment that will last a life-time. You have many elements to […]

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After the Big Day!

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You have already had your special day at your chosen Tulsa wedding venues and now you are on the other side! There are still things to do after the wedding. You should make a list of things that need to be done so you won’t miss anything important. With all the planning before the wedding, […]

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Keep It Simple!

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Tulsa wedding venues all see a wide range of weddings from super fancy to super down-home. All of the weddings are unique and beautiful in their own way. All of them hopefully fulfill the dream of the bride and groom for their special day. So much preparation goes into this one day that some would […]

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What Makes a Wedding Great?

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Many Tulsa wedding venues hold many, many weddings, but what makes a great wedding? What makes an extraordinary and special wedding? Many would say it is the amount of money spent and all the things you have to buy that make it great. Others would say it is all about the pictures or the dress […]

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Crazy and Fun Wedding Photos

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Throughout all Tulsa Wedding Venues, wedding photos are on the top of the list for the bride and groom. They want to make sure they have all the good shots, traditional and personal. So if you have gathered your list of wedding shots you want to include in your photographer’s shot list, think about adding […]

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Writing Your Wedding Vows

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Wedding vows are an intimate and very crucial part of the wedding ceremony in any Tulsa wedding venues. A lot can come into play when deciding on what to say for your personal wedding vows. Tulsa wedding venues have witnessed a vast variety of wedding vows that are influenced by different cultures, religions, and even […]