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Daddy Will You Dance with Me?

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Tulsa wedding venues have witnessed many beautiful father/daughter dances over the seasons. Though many aspects of weddings have modernized significantly, it is one of the oldest traditions and still a favorite among many. If you’re unsure how this tradition began, here is a little history lesson for you. This special dance was originally (https://www.brides.com/story/wedding-traditions-debunked-father-daughter-dance) formed […]

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What is your Proposal Story?!!!

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Here at Tulsa wedding venues we are obviously focused about the big day, the wedding day. But what is your story? Where did it all begin? How did you get here? How did he pop the question? Were you surprised? Did you ask him? We want to know! Knowing the love story of each of […]

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This One is for You Boys!

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Most of the time we are giving brides advice on how to make their Tulsa wedding venues wedding perfect. But this one’s for you boys! Guys, your fiance has been thinking about her big wedding day for some time now. She’s going to have a lot on her plate with planning, picking out color schemes, […]

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Color Me Beautiful at My Wedding

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In a previous blog, we discussed what’s popular styling for bridesmaids dresses in Tulsa wedding venues, but what about colors? What colors are trending this season? We’ve seen so many beautiful color schemes for our weddings so how do you decide which one is right for you? Here we will discuss what colors we have […]

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Bridesmaid Dress Fashion Trending

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White Barn Events, a Tulsa wedding venues, sees a lot of different action in the bridesmaid dress department. Bridesmaids dresses! Every bridesmaids’ potential nightmare. Will they be pretty? Will they be flattering? Or will the bride make her maids look like actual oompaloompas just so she shines even brighter on her big day?! Nah I […]