When You Can’t Use Sparklers for your Wedding Send-Off

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If you have chosen your Tulsa wedding venues, you are probably ironing out all of your details for the day. One of the things on your list is probably what you will do for your send off.  There are so many fun things to do and it seems a lot of couples like to do sparklers for their send off. Sparklers look great in pictures and can be fun, but they do have their drawbacks. In fact, many Tulsa wedding venues and other venues around the country have added sparklers to their “do not allow” list. How can something so fun and festive, be potentially bad?

Danger #1

The first reason is obvious, fire! Sparklers are fueled by flame so they can definitely be potentially dangerous and harmful. One of the main reasons many Tulsa wedding venues do not allow sparklers is because of the fire danger. If your venue is a farm our somewhere in the great outdoors, the fire hazard is simply too great. Especially in Oklahoma when the weather can sometimes get really dry and burn bans are in effect. The dangers far outweigh the fun and beauty of it and it is simply something that many venues can’t allow. Sometimes the happy couple doesn’t realize the potential dangers and they need to be educated.

Burning flames in and around pastures and woods and hay is definitely something to be avoided. You wouldn’t want to cause a fire at your wedding venue and be held liable for all the damages. Another element that adds danger to the whole situation is if you have any type of alcohol at your wedding. Guests who are inebriated do not have the common sense to be careful with the flames. Many Tulsa wedding venues have learned that alcohol and sparklers simply don’t mix and they are not worth the risk. Another danger is catching that beautiful wedding dress on fire from the sparklers.  With yards of material trailing around about you, the potential for kids or inebriated guests getting too close is just too real. Though it may look fantastic in your send-off shots, it wouldn’t be fantastic is something were to catch on fire. Check out this blog for sparkler dangers and this blog for specific sparkler dangers at weddings.

Danger #2

Another disadvantage of having sparklers for the wedding venue is if they are put out incorrectly such as on concrete surfaces, they can damage and stain them. Most wedding venues work hard to keep their venue immaculate so adding burn marks to their concrete is not really something they want to contend with. Can you blame them?

Fresh Ideas

Well, since some Tulsa wedding venues do not allow this send-off, what are some other good alternatives that are fun and look great in pictures? Our favorite is glow sticks! They look really great in those night shots! Another good option is bubbles. They also look great with the great lighting in pictures. And combining the two is also great! You get light, movement, and color and it can make for some awesome fun and pictures. Check out this pinterest page for some fresh glowstick ideas!

So don’t get bummed if you just found out you are not allowed to have sparklers as your send off. There are other fun options like the ones we mentioned above and other possibilities. The old saying definitely comes into play in this scenario…Better safe than sorry!



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