Crazy and Fun Wedding Photos

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Throughout all Tulsa Wedding Venues, wedding photos are on the top of the list for the bride and groom. They want to make sure they have all the good shots, traditional and personal. So if you have gathered your list of wedding shots you want to include in your photographer’s shot list, think about adding some extra fun and crazy shots! These fun shots will most likely be the ones you love and show off the most! Everybody loves a good photo and most people love the crazy shots that not everyone takes.

Check with your photographer

How do you come up with these crazy, fun shots? Well the first place to look is with your own professional photographer you hired. They will probably have some crazy shot ideas in their repertoire. The fun photos are becoming more popular so most photographers have upped their game by coming up with some super fun and original shots. Take the time to discuss this with your photographer and plan out some shots that you think would fit with your wedding. Most photographers are all too happy to add some spice to the pictures of the day!

Internet search

Another place to look for fun photo ideas is, or course, on the internet. Just type in crazy wedding photos on your search engine and see what you get. Check these ideas on BridalGuide with 50 fun photos that will make you laugh. And of course Pinterest always has a lot of ideas for any situation so check out their suggestions at Pinterest-crazy-wedding-photos. And if you are looking for something a little more bizarre, check out this site at  All of these sites will certainly have some great ideas of picture shots you might want to add to your must list.

Come up with your own

Hopefully checking out all of these ideas will help get the ball rolling and ignite your own creative juices to come up with some more personal, fun ideas of your own. Thinking of shots that fit your personality and situation more would make your photo shoot fun and unique. It could have to do with your interests, hobbies, or your own family’s situations. Take the time and get your creative juices flowing and think of your own, personal, fun and crazy unique shots.

So when you are going through your checklist of things to do before your big day, add crazy, fun photos to your list. Many Tulsa wedding venues will be more than happy to accommodate you. You might even want to ask your Tulsa wedding venues if they have any fun ideas that are unique to their own venue. So when you are wrapping up your shot list, be sure to get all the traditional shots but branch out with something fun. Sometimes spontaneous shots come up during your photo session and turn out to be some of the best.

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