The Day in the Life of a Flower Girl

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Weddings are the dreamiest of events especially if you booked yours at your favorite Tulsa wedding venues. They can be a lot of work but also a lot of fun. It is a time for family and friends to gather around and celebrate a commitment that will last a life-time. You have many elements to your wedding at your Tulsa wedding venues and one of those elements is your bridal party. But what would a bridal party be without a flower girl! Flower girls are the ethereal pixies that make your wedding part of a fairy tale come true!

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Dream Come True

What an adventure to be picked as a flower girl! Every little girl’s dream is to be a flower girl for their adored sister, aunt, cousin, or let’s face it, babysitter. To be asked to take part in someone you have looked up to for their wedding is a dream come true. What little girl wouldn’t want to wear a beautiful white dress, have your hair and make-up done, and float down the aisle tossing petals to the guests. It’s a thrilling experience and one that they will remember always.

Role of the Flower Girl

If your flower girl is a little older and understands her role in the wedding, she will most likely take it very seriously and want to do all she can to be a part. What are some of the duties of the flower girls besides looking angelic and leading the wedding party by tossing flower petals before they enter? Actually, there aren’t any but a bride would be wise to include her flower girl in some of the wedding festivities to make her feel included. She will most likely be eager to help in any way she is advised on the big day and become a great little helper to the bride and her bridesmaids. Check out this article on flower girls from the the.knot and flower girl etiquette to see what they have to say about these little wedding day fairies.

Origin of the Flower Girl

It’s interesting to look at the origin of the flower girl and how she became such a unique part of the wedding ceremony. It’s actually a fairly long history that grew throughout the ages. It is believed to have begun in the Roman Empire with young virgins carrying stalks of wheat to symbolize prosperity to the new bride and groom. In the Renaissance, they carried garlic with flowers to ward off evil spirits. In the Elizabethan era, the flower girl would make a path with flower petals from the bride’s home to the church and in the Victorian era, it became the tradition for the flower girl to throw petals down the aisle of the church before the bride. This article in tells more of the origin in detail and is a great insight to the tradition.

Everyone loves to watch the flower girl because she reminds us all of the innocence of childhood and happiness. She embodies the goodness and purity in all of us and lightens our hearts and mood. And of course, some cute antics on the big day will always add some laughter to the ceremony. It’s an honor and privilege for the little flower girl to be a part of the ceremony and most any little girl would love to take part. Your wedding and Tulsa wedding venue wouldn’t be the same without this pixie fairy leading your wedding party down the aisle.

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