Flowering Up your Wedding with Style!

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The time is quickly approaching and you have your Tulsa wedding venues and now you are looking at putting the finishing touches on your wedding. You already have the caterer, your dress, and the other major decisions are made. It is coming down to the details and you are looking at what flowers you want for your reception and your bouquets. Flowers are the crowning glory of the event and their beauty permeates the spirit of your wedding. There are so many different flowers and styles to choose that it can be daunting. Think about your colors and your desires as you make the decision.

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One option for your flowers is to go classic and simple. Many Tulsa wedding venues are graced with the most simple and classic flowers and the venue looks absolutely gorgeous. Classic white roses with just a touch of other colors such as of white and gold can add a classic and pure touch to your whole day. These go with any color scheme and are really a beautiful accent to any type of wedding. Classic simplicity is a style and look that would go with any wedding and can make your decision simple.


The trend now is to add succulents to your bouquets and arrangements. Tulsa wedding venues are seeing a large increase in this trend. It is a beautiful look that adds a clean touch of color and variety and texture to all of your bouquets. It is really beautiful because it adds a touch of soft green and they look flowerlike in their shape and form so they mix well with any of the flowers you have chosen. Most all the Tulsa florists are up on this trend and can make many suggestions in this area. Check out these websites for great ideas using succulents: mywedding.com and elizabethanndesigns.com.


Another option is to have your flowers match the color scheme of your wedding. Adding touches of red, green, blue, mauve, or whatever your color scheme is would be a good way to blend in all of your colors. Sometimes these colors though will depend on what is in season as well. You will have to do some planning in advance if you are wanting to have all of your color schemes in sync. This does put a seamless look to your decorations and creates a thematic beauty to your big day!

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The last option for your flowers and decorations actually would be to match the theme or season of your wedding. If you are having a fall wedding you can incorporate sunflowers and maybe even add some pumpkins to your décor. Christmas weddings would, of course, use deep reds with their arrangements with possibly the beautiful red rose. You could also add poinsettias to your décor. Spring wedding would most like use spring flowers. It is also a great advantage to using the season with your flowers to make sure you have availability of the types of flowers and foliage you are wanting. Check out this southernliving.com for tips on seasonal wedding flowers.

Your bouquets and flower arrangements are really the crowning glory of your décor. You can go as simple as baby’s breath for the majority of your flowers to the most grand of flower arrangements. They can really mark the spirit and scent of your day.

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