What’s Trending with Flowers Girls and Ring Bearers

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At Tulsa wedding venues, we still see a lot of flower girls and ring bearers. It is such a cute tradition that the popularity just seems to grow more and more. Who wouldn’t want to see cute little girls all fixed up and dressed up and strolling down the aisle as well as adorable little boys doing their part and looking dapper in their Sunday best! It is usually easily one of the high lights of a wedding ceremony. And the unexpected antics make it all the better! But is their anything new or fresh about the parade of little girls and boys at the ceremony?

Flower petals and pillows

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I think little girls tossing flower petals will always be popular and a favorite for wedding ceremonies. And the little boys carrying the little pillows bearing the ring (real or not) will never go out of style. The tradition and history for flower girls and ring bears are both centuries old. Originally flowers girls brought herbs and wheat to act as a blessing on the new couple. The ring bearers were originally page boys that brought the rings, prayer book, and also carried the brides train. So petals and pillows will probably never go out of style and the tradition will live on through the ages.


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At some Tulsa wedding venues, they do see flower girls and ring bearers doing some things a little different. A popular item now for the little ones to do is to carry signs down the aisle instead of tossing anything. Usually the signs say something like “Here Comes the Bride”. Many times they will say something more personal that relates to the couple. This is a cute and easy way to make this part of the ceremony more personal. If that couple has a child of their own that is participating in the ceremony, the sign could read, “Here Comes Mommy!”. This is a new way for the kids to stroll down the aisle and will probably be popular at many Tulsa wedding venues for the years to come.


Besides what the little ones carry or toss is how they come down the aisle. For the little ones who participate in the ceremony and may not be able to actually walk down the aisle, cute little wagons are a very popular way to get them there. Sometimes the wagon is pulled by an older child that can handle it or it can also be pulled by a bridesmaid or groomsmen. There is really no rules or wrong or right on this. Each wedding can make it happen anyway they choose! It’s really fun to see all the ways the kiddos make their mark on the ceremonies at Tulsa wedding venues.

New and Fresh

There are definitely some other things trending with the flower girls. Sometimes they will just carry a bouquet of their own. They look cute enough strolling down the aisle that they don’t actually have to toss anything! Another idea is balloons. What kid doesn’t love balloons? So having them old a balloon or balloons down the aisle makes them extra animated and pleasing to watch. There are so many other things that you can do to make your flower girls and ring bearers different and unique. Visit this article at Flashbox for some extra great ideas!

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