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At Tulsa wedding venues, taking pictures on the wedding day is one of the biggest, most time-consuming proceedings of the entire wedding day! Of course, we know this is because it is the only real lasting documentation you will have of one of the most important days of your life. The day that will last not only in your memory, but hopefully, in beautiful bridal and wedding portraits for years to come. So the taking of the pictures does seem to take precedence over many other things at Tulsa wedding venues across the city. We have all seen the traditional photos across social media. The same wedding photos we love that have been passed down from generation to generation. Let’s take a moment to see what is new out there at Tulsa wedding venues and what is happening in the wedding photographer world.

Night Shots

Night shots are fast growing and becoming a beautiful and popular set of pictures to have from your wedding day. Of course, your wedding will need to continue to the dark evening hours to capture these magnificent shots. The night shots are magical in themselves and lend a beautiful nuance to your entire wedding portrait collection. Here are a few shots from a recent wedding at White Barn that captured so well the fairy tale like magic of the entire day. The bride looks like a fairy caught in the spotlight with darkness surrounding.  It is truly an artistic set of photos. Here photographer specializes in night photography so she was obviously equipped with everything she needed to capture these specialized and dreamlike shots. A beautiful bride, dress, and the perfect lighting can make dreams and magic come to life. The shot on the top of the page with the bride and groom dancing in the canopy of lights is also a charmed moment in itself. Having the hanging, streaming lights outside gave enough light for their photographer to capture this special, intimate moment. It’s worth the consideration for brides to add some night pictures to their shot list. There’s something magical about the brides in their white glory to be captured with the darkness surrounding and only themselves to light the image. Magic!

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Sunset Pictures

Sunset pictures are truly one of the most beautiful sets of pictures on the wedding day. If you are blessed to have the perfect, colorful sunset on your perfect day, you should most definitely take advantage. The window of time is small and you have to time it right, but the pictures you get from the sunset hour are most definitely worth the time and energy. If your photographer knows what he/she is doing, then all you have to do is let them lead you through the shots. Following are some great, sunset shots from past couples that have taken place at the White Barn. We love the sunset shots because they highlight the beautiful scenery around the frames all the weddings here at White Barn.

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So when you are making your shot list for your wedding photographer, make sure you include some sunset and night shots on your list. You most definitely will not be disappointed and you will definitely be happy you did. Visit our photo galleries to some beautiful shots of our beautiful venue at photo gallery and wedding gallery! And here are some fresh new ideas hot off the photography press for trending shots for weddings at theknot, brides, and weddingideas.

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