Do Your Research When Finding Your Photographer

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Tulsa wedding venues see many photographers at their venues. There are so many Tulsa photographers out there. The other day I saw someone post on Facebook asking for recommendations for cheap photographers for their wedding. Cheap Photogaphers?! I mean, is it just me or are there other things you should look at besides price when booking a photographer for your wedding? It’s your wedding people! Your one and special day! You only have one chance to make sure everything is captured perfectly. You need to make sure that you hire someone who is going to provide you with a product in the end that you absolutely love. Take time to research and review photographer’s portfolios and find the style and editing that you love. Look for photographers who produce a product you would like to have for your wedding day.  Look at more than just the price. Another idea is to ask your booked Tulsa wedding venues who they recommend. Look through your Tulsa wedding venues previous weddings and find the photography style you like. Go to WeddingWire and TheKnot and see who they have listed in your area.

I get that you don’t want to blow your whole wedding budget on photography. I’m not saying you should do that or that you have to do that. I’m just saying that it may be worth it to spend a bit more on a photographer that will give you a product you love. Weddings can get ridiculously expensive. There are so many things to do and things to choose for your wedding celebrations. You have to pick a venue, colors, flowers, food, music, table settings, decorations, etc. There are so many choices! Not to mention the media! You have to make sure that your wedding day, the greatest day of your life, is captured absolutely perfectly! The media side of things can get especially expensive. Media is an important skill to have these days and people can charge a fortune if they can take and produce good quality photos. With photography and now videography getting really popular for weddings, you could end up spending a pretty penny. You don’t have to hire the most expensive one or the first one you see. But you should do research to decide who you hire. Make sure you hire someone that is going to give you the product that you want and the pictures, edits, and styles that you desire for you best wedding photos. Get the best bang for your buck! If photographers are extremely cheap, there may be a reason why. Check out this page at Something Blue for things to look for in a wedding photographer.

There are a million photographers out there, ready to jump at the opportunity to capture your special day. I know many people who may not have an official company or business but they are absolutely incredible photographers. Some have picked it up as a hobby but are just so good they could surely do it professionally. Some of the best photographers may be in your backyard. It is a skill that more and more people these days are trying their hands at.  Chances are you probably have friends who would fit your photography style and therefore would fit your budget. Take the time and ask around! In the end, there should be a balance. It’s worth it to take the time to research who will take amazing wedding photos and isn’t too expensive. Your goal is to find someone who fits your budget and your desired wedding photography style. Although this is certainly a challenge, it can be done. Happy hunting!


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