Remember What is Important on Your Wedding Day!

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The first step in planning your wedding is looking at Tulsa wedding venues. If you have already booked your Tulsa wedding venues, then you are on the fast track to planning your wedding. Planning your wedding can definitely be stressful. You have so many decisions to make and so many things to think of. The one thing though you don’t want to forget….is to enjoy your wedding day!


We all know that the planning process can be stressful. You will have many Tulsa wedding venues to look at before making your final decision. You will have multiple cake testings. You will be shopping for your dress and then when you decide on one, you will have dress fittings. Then there is the food, drinks, decorations, and other details such as your bridal party and guest list. You even have to think of the minor details like what will you use for your send off. All of these decisions and factors can make you get lost in what the real meaning of your wedding truly is! Check out this article on the knot to make sure you aren’t over-stressing!

Focus on Each Other

Your wedding is the day for you and your mate to declare your love and commitment to each other before God and friends. It’s is the most special day of your life! Amidst all the details of planning, make sure and tell yourself to remember to make your day special by not letting the details rob you of your joy. You need to take the time to build memories with your new spouse on your wedding day. You need to focus on each other and enjoy the day to the fullest. This little nugget of an article at has some great ideas on some cool surprises for your new spouse.

Don’t Neglect Each Other

With so much to do on the big day, how do you make sure you don’t neglect each other? One way is to talk it over with each other before your wedding day. Let each other know what you expect and how special you want it to be. Promise to remind each other if one of you gets caught up in the details and neglects what is important – focusing on each other. This is the one day that is just about you two.

Make it Special

Dance those special dances. Give each other those intimate looks across the table and across the room. Be in each other’s presence and even more so, in each other’s arms. All the plans and details won’t mean a thing if you don’t make beautiful memories together on your special day. This is the day you dreamed of your whole life so make sure you don’t lose sight of each other.

Your wedding day is a glimpse of your marriage. The same principles apply. Don’t let details and stresses get in the way. Stay focused on each other and don’t neglect each other. Remember to stay intimate with each other and to put each other first. Honor each other and make it special.



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