Deciding the Time of Day for your Wedding Ceremony

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You have already secured your Tulsa wedding venues and it is an outdoor venue. You have decided to have your wedding outdoors under Oklahoma skies! Now you are deciding the best time of day for your ceremony. The time of year might affect your decision as well as where the sun will be in the sky during that day. You want to make the most of your day and have it be as beautiful as possible. So many things to consider when deciding the time for your ceremony. The best thing to do would be to google your date to see when the sun sets on that particular day.

FallWinter Wedding

If your wedding is in the fall or winter, the time of the day for your ceremony will be greatly affected. You will want to catch the sun for your ceremony so you will have to schedule it earlier in the day. With the sun setting earlier, you will want to make sure you figure out when that will be and plan ahead. The sun going down earlier will mean an earlier ceremony unless you want your ceremony under the stars, which would be amazing as well. Many Tulsa wedding venues that are outdoor will a lit outdoor ceremony area which would be magical under the starry sky. A solstice wedding!

Summer Wedding

A summer wedding is best planned to have your ceremony as late in the day as possible if your wedding is outdoors. The Oklahoma heat can be unbearable so usually the coolest and most beautiful time of day in the summer is right before sunset. The breeze usually picks up a little and cools things off just a bit. This will help your guests as they sit in their seats, enjoying your nuptials. Summer outdoor weddings can be added fun with the extra daylight and the opportunity to do different activities such as yard games. Feel free to be extra creative!

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Sunset Weddings

An outdoor wedding gives you the opportunity to have your ceremony at sunset. How romantic is that to have your wedding ceremony during an Oklahoma sunset. Oklahoma has some of the best sunsets in the country so taking advantage of that will be a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. You will capture some beautiful pictures with the sunset crowning your ceremony. Of course, you might want to consider also having your ceremony a little before sunset and then have the sunset for your wedding photos after the ceremony. That would be some amazing pictures! Sunset weddings though would require you to get all of your other pictures done before the ceremony. Check out this blog on sunset weddings! Also visit our photo gallery to see some amazing sunsets at the venue.

Outdoor weddings are some of the most fun and romantic weddings to attend. There are also many Tulsa wedding venues to choose from for your special day. Oklahoma has beautiful skies and beautiful sunsets so take advantage. Do your research and decide the best time of day for your ceremony. This article can also give you some other things to think about when deciding your ceremony  time.

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