Time to Start Making Those Wedding Lists

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So, you have set the date and now you are considering many Tulsa wedding venues and photographers and the other important components that go into wedding planning. So much to do for your wedding and maybe you have a lot of time or maybe not that much time at all. How much time is required to put on a wedding? Obviously, things can be done very quickly if needed. But the average time range is 6 months to 1 year. If you have a year out to plan, then relax, enjoy, and start putting together lists! If you have little time, then those lists are even more important. Before the big day arrives, you will have written many, many lists.

General To Do List

The first list to put together would be a general list of all you want to be included in your wedding. This list includes your venue, caterer, cake, dress, and photographer. These are the main items on your wedding list that need to be decided sooner than later. The venue and photographer should be first since they are the most important to book due to times and dates. Book tours with many Tulsa wedding venues and begin to narrow down your search. Your caterer and cake would probably be the next things decided. And of course, you don’t want to wait too long for your dress. Research, make calls, visit, and make these decisions soon so you can check them off your list! Visit knot.com for a more complete list.

Bridal Party List

The second list you will probably make will be who to include in your wedding. You will want to do this soon as well to give your people you want to ask plenty of time to clear their calendars and plan ahead. This would actually be two lists: one for his and one for her. Some brides ask their bridesmaids individually or in a group. Either way is great and really just depends on your situation. This is a fun list because you get to share your excitement with those who are closest to you. See what LissyLane has to say about this!

Guest List

Another important list is the guest list. This can be tricky. How many people should you invite to your wedding? This can depend on the expense. If you are having a sit-down dinner, you might not want to invite every Tom, Dick, and Harry in your life. It’s always important to invite close friends and family and from there it is a juggling game to know who exactly should be invited. And of course, you have to work from both sides and make sure you include people from the bride and the groom. It usually starts out as a big list and then you start to reconsider and cross people off. An average is you will probably have about ¾ of the people on your list actually come. So even if you start out a little high on your official guest list, you will always have regrets to shrink your list down to a doable size. Visit this blog for some good tips on deciding who to invite.

Last Minute List

Then there is the list you begin to make when time is running out and your wedding is just a few days away. You will be making lists left and right and hopefully keeping yourself sane and organized. These are the lists that usually end up on restaurant napkins. You will find yourself jotting down everything just so you don’t forget.


So, start your wedding planning off right and begin writing those lists. This can be a good thing since it will help give you peace of mind knowing it is written down. For a more comprehensive look at preparing for your wedding, check out this Ultimate Planning List on Ask Wedding! You will be glad you did! Once you book your favorite Tulsa wedding venues, the ball will be rolling and you will be on your way!

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