New Trends for Bridesmaid Fashion

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Tulsa wedding venues see a lot of trends in the bridal fashion world. Some are fads and stay only a short while and others endure the test of time. When looking at bridesmaid fashion and formal wear, it’s fun to see the latest trends and what everyone is choosing. Tulsa wedding venues see many beautiful bridesmaids’ fashions pass through their venues. Let’s look at one popular trend that is standing out more than the rest!

Brides having been choosing their colors for many decades and that seems to be a trend that will not end anytime soon. They usually have their bridesmaids all dressed in one of their favorite wedding colors so they all coordinate and match. One spin on this timely tradition is that though they might be wearing the same color, they may not all be wearing the same dress!

Everyone’s Happy!

One great advantage of this new trend is that both the bride and the bridesmaids seem to be happy. The bride gets her favorite color, and the bridesmaids get to choose a dress that looks good on them and their own style. This is of great advantage to everyone. The bridesmaid will most likely feel more confident and beautiful in a style she has chosen and works best for her. This makes the whole process of getting a bridesmaids dress for a wedding much more enjoyable. With this new trend, the bridesmaid might even be able to actually wear the dress again to another event!

Added Style!

Another advantage is that even though the color is the same, the different style of dresses adds a newness and freshness to the wedding party. It’s great to see different styles blending together to make a beautiful and sometimes bold statement. This trend takes the same color tradition to a higher and more sophisticated level. It isn’t always necessary to match, just to blend into a seamless look. Some would suggest a few guidelines like this article on Check out this blog on weddingsbylilly which shows lots of pictures and choices.

Individual Choice!

Another advantage is that since the dress isn’t matching, the bridesmaid should also be able to choose her own shoe style. Gone are the days when bridesmaids would have to dye their shoes to match their dress! Wow, thank goodness that style isn’t popular anymore! With this new trend, the bridesmaid will be happy and actually comfortable in her own chosen shoe wear.

I think brides that choose this trend will be super happy with the results. Their bridesmaids will also be much happier as well. Since everyone gets an opinion, everyone feels more included and less stressed. This can also help when a bridesmaid is watching her money and has a budget for the dress. She won’t be forced into spending tons of money on something she hates and will most likely only wear once.

All in all, this is a wonderful trend that we hope will stay around for a long time. Many bridesmaid fashion houses are catering to this trend as mentioned in this article from Tulsa wedding venues love seeing all the latest trends move through their venues, but I am sure most will agree this is a trend that will hopefully endure.



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