Wedding Dress Blues!

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At Tulsa wedding venues all over the city, brides are wearing the most glamorous and elegant wedding dresses for their big day. It makes you wonder how much money was actually spent on the dress itself. With so many other expenses for the wedding, what is a reasonable amount to spend on a wedding dress? There are some other avenues/ideas trending at Tulsa wedding venues for the dress. Let’s look at some alternatives for the dress before you say “yes” to the dress! Your something blue shouldn’t be how you feel when looking for your dress!

Renting a Wedding Dress

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Who would think that renting a dress would be a thing right? But it most definitely is! Renting a wedding dress is a terrific idea that is sure to become more and more popular at all Tulsa wedding venues. At White Barn, out latest bride rented her dress and she couldn’t have been more pleased. She told us how she just picked out the dress of her dreams, they altered it to fit her, and then she was able to wear it on one of the best days of her life, and then return it without a care! No cleaning, preserving, or storing. Of course, then you don’t have your wedding dress to keep for all time, but that’s okay with many, many brides.  Renting a dress has so many positives and so little negatives. The dress rental itself can be anywhere from $100 – $300 but that included the alterations. So when it’s time to start looking at wedding dresses, don’t forget the rental option! There are some online places like renttherunway and jjshouse or try local.

Buying a Used Wedding Dress

Another must cheaper option than buying a brand new dress is looking for a buying a used one. So many brides are eager to sell their dresses after the big day that you will be able to find tons of choices out there. You can look on Craigslist or Ebay or other popular buy/sale/trade sites. These sites will make it easy for you to look and find a dress that just might suit you. The positives are finding a dress that is much, much cheaper and fits in your budget better. The downside would be finding a dress that you absolutely love and that is in your size. But it’s definitely worth the look because you never know what treasures you will find!


Anthropologie Bridal is amazingly reasonable. It is one of the best, kept secrets in the wedding dress industry. You can find a beautiful, unique, and awesome dress for literally hundreds less that other bridal shops. Why are they so much less? We really don’t know but we are sure happy about it! Everyone loves Anthro right? Well, this is just another reason to love them! Be sure and check out their bridal section right now! If you have an Anthropologie in your city that carries the wedding dresses, they are cheaper in the store than online. Sometimes online will have super sales though too. It’s worth a look!

So if you have the wedding dress blues and don’t know what to do, consider these other options as well as the traditional, mainstream route of bridal shops. You might find the dress of your dreams, at the price of your dreams. It’s definitely worth your time and worth the look!

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