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The Getaway

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Tulsa wedding venues see hundreds of weddings every year, and with them they see the wonderful tradition continuing in the decorating of the getaway vehicle. This is fun tradition that has been carried on for decades and brings fun and frolic to every wedding. It’s a way for the participants to put their stamp of […]

Amazing Wedding Decor Options

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There are so many great things happening at Tulsa Wedding Venues! So many beautiful weddings including amazing décor. Some of the décor is done by professionals, but some is done by the bridal party themselves. You don’t have to be an expert wedding professional to create beautiful weddings with amazing décor. So if you have […]

Drink Bars Extraordinaire!

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We are always on the lookout for creative ideas that help inspire brides when planning their wedding for their local Tulsa wedding venues. This includes inspiration for bridal showers, ceremony, reception, and décor. One event that is very popular among the bridal scene is to have a drink bar for your guests. A drink bar […]

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Will You Stand with Me?

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So, he popped the question, and now it’s time to choose your Tulsa wedding venues and get this party rolling! Congrats! Let the fun begin! Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times of your life. Not just for you, but for your girlfriends too! After you’ve said yes to a lifetime with your […]

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Daddy Will You Dance with Me?

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Tulsa wedding venues have witnessed many beautiful father/daughter dances over the seasons. Though many aspects of weddings have modernized significantly, it is one of the oldest traditions and still a favorite among many. If you’re unsure how this tradition began, here is a little history lesson for you. This special dance was originally (https://www.brides.com/story/wedding-traditions-debunked-father-daughter-dance) formed […]