What Makes a Wedding Great?

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Many Tulsa wedding venues hold many, many weddings, but what makes a great wedding? What makes an extraordinary and special wedding? Many would say it is the amount of money spent and all the things you have to buy that make it great. Others would say it is all about the pictures or the dress or the flowers or food. All of these things definitely play a part in the wedding but probably are not the most important things that makes a wedding great. So what is the thing that makes a wedding great you ask? We believe it comes down to the setting and the people who come.

The Setting

If the setting is the number one thing that influences your wedding, then be sure to look at all of the Tulsa wedding venues before making your choice. Your venue will be the backdrop and setting for your big day. It will determine the mood and the ambiance. You probably have ideas about what you want your wedding to reflect so that would help with the venue you choose. There are so many Tulsa wedding venues so choose one that represents what you want your big day to hold. You can go classy, casual, country, or traditional. Check out these wedding websites to help you find your perfect venue and setting:  weddingwire.com and theknot.com. White Barn Events is an indoor/outdoor location that might be the right setting for you. Check out our website at whitebarnevents.net.

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The People

The people coming is obviously one of the biggest things that will influence your wedding and make it great or not so great. You will want your closest friends and family of course along with others that have touched your life in one way or another. Invite all the people you want to be there but don’t be afraid to leave some people off the list that you know would dampen your day. This is your day so you can decide who you want to be a part of it.

Everybody wants their wedding to be extra special and great. Having your family and friends surround you is definitely one of the things that will make it great and memorable. People don’t remember the food served or the flowers displayed. But they do remember the people they shared the special day with. So when you are planning out your big day, remember what is important and memorable. It’s the people that make all the difference!




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