Bride and Groom Pictures Before your Wedding Day!

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What’s new with brides and Tulsa wedding venues? I don’t know about you but I only plan on getting married once. And I want absolutely everything in my wedding pictures to be captured absolutely perfectly. I’ve always thought how stressful it would be to take all of your wedding photos on the day of your wedding. There are so many different people and poses to think of and remember. Not to mention all of the photos the bride and groom must have together! And all within a time limit! Even though this is how so many brides have done it, this sounds like too much pressure for a bride on her wedding day. If only there was a way to overcome this!

Thankfully, there is. Recently I came across a somewhat unconventional answer to this problem. Some people may frown upon it, some will love it, and some could care less. I myself thought it quite interesting when I first discovered it, but the idea quickly wormed its way into my favor. So here’s the idea…have the bride and groom take their wedding day pictures before their actual wedding. I know! It’s crazy right?! To have the bride and groom see each other in their full wedding formals before the actual wedding is absolutely outrageous! But is it though? Let’s think about it…

Devote a Day to the Bride and Groom Pictures

Obviously, you can’t take all of your wedding photos done before the wedding but you can get the pictures you want of you and your spouse! Save the bridal party and family photos til the day of the wedding. But you could spend a whole day completely devoted to getting the perfect wedding pictures of you and your spouse! Think about how less stressful your wedding photo-shoot would be if that were all you had to worry about on that day? Not to mention how much more relaxed and intimate you could be with each other. You can can so much fun with the pictures of the bride and groom. Check out confettidaydreams for some awesome poses between the happy couple! Bridal photos are already a popular thing to do, but you could also take pictures of the bride and groom for the same reasons. Check out this blog that tells the advantage of bridal photos before the wedding day.

Picture Sight Unlimited

Another plus is that you can take these pictures anywhere! You aren’t limited to your Tulsa wedding venues. Take a day trip to be surrounded by some different scenery and take your photos there! It might be nice to mix up the background in your wedding photos. You could have some variety in your wedding photos by having them in a different setting.

Another Day to Wear your Dress

You’re probably thinking, so this would mean that I have to ‘get ready’ for my wedding twice? Who cares! Who doesn’t love getting dolled up and looking like a million bucks? Not to mention the fact that you would get to wear your wedding dress more than once. You paid so much for it you might as well get some use out of it.


And if you couldn’t decide on whether you put your hair up or let it down for the wedding, or veil or no veil? Use this as an opportunity to try things out! Let your hair down for these photos if you plan on having it up for your wedding ceremony at your Tulsa wedding venues. You don’t have to look the exact same in these photos as you will on your wedding day! Unless you want to of course!




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