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If you haven’t yet booked your Tulsa wedding venues, there are lots of things you need to consider. Check out this site for basic venue tips. Besides finding a place that matches your taste for your dream wedding, you should also consider some practical aspects. Many Tulsa wedding venues are very beautiful (and pricey) but do they have the basic aspects that help make your wedding day better? There are three aspects that are great plusses for your wedding venue rental. They are bridal suite for the bridal party, groom’s suite for the groomsmen, and all day rental.

Bridal Suite

If you are lucky enough to secure a Tulsa wedding venue that has bridal quarters, then you are way ahead of the game! It’s great for the brides to have a suite that they can use from beginning to end! They can come in the morning and unload all of their bridal pretties and then head to the venue to decorate and make sure everything is as desired. Having your own bridal quarters to store everything and then come to get prepared is a huge blessing. It makes the whole day so much easier and seamless. It’s also great if the bridal suite is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing for pictures. At White Barn, we have the perfect bridal cottage to meet every bride’s needs! If you really want to deck out your bridal suite, check out this site!

Grooms Suite

Another great thing is for the groomsmen to have their own changing area. Boys don’t need a lot of room or even a lot of time but it’s still nice for them to have a place to store their stuff and get ready when the time comes. They will appreciate the space and the room provided to get ready and hang with their friends Sometimes the groom’s place can also have extra perks. At White Barn, our groom’s cabin is right by the pond so fishing rights are a must!

All Day Rental

Another great thing for your venue rental is having the venue for the entire day! This makes the day much more eventful and less stressful. You will enjoy knowing you have the entire day to decorate, prepare, take pictures, and have the best wedding of your life. So make sure you check your Tulsa wedding venues to see how many hours their rental is.  At White Barn, our rental is for 14 hours and that provides ample time for everything to happen in a timely and stress-free manor.

So, when starting the process to find the perfect venue, remember to keep those three important aspects in mind. They can make the difference if making your day stress full or stress-free! Opt for the venue that gives you the best package. You will be happy you did!

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