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Making your Wedding Exit Memorable

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Many Tulsa wedding venues have seen many fun and creative exits from their newly married couples.  There are so many ways the new bride and groom can choose to make their big exit! There are the traditional exits as well as the over-the-top exits. Then there are custom exits that fit each couple perfectly according […]

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Get Creative with your Guest Book

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At Tulsa wedding venues, there are so many different and creative ways to have your weddings guests ‘sign the book.’ If you are looking for more ways to personalize your wedding décor than this is another area that you can let those creative juices flow. Your guest book, box, or jar, is a fount of […]

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Making a Grand Entrance!

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At some weddings at many Tulsa wedding venues, the brides like to make a grand entrance. And why not since it is your special day! Make the most of your wedding day and do something big! Of course, it depends on where your venue is as to what options you have for your grand entrance. […]

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Rustic Wedding Signs

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Many Tulsa wedding venues are seeing more and more cute, rustic signs on display at their weddings. Any why not? It is a trend that is becoming more popular. There are so many signs you can make and post at your wedding to personalize your event, make your guests feel welcome, and bring a playfulness […]

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Cater Your Own Wedding

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In many Tulsa wedding venues, they allow the happy couple to supply their own food for the reception. There are many advantages to this freedom which is why more and more Tulsa wedding venues are getting on-board . Besides saving money which is the main advantage, it also allows for flexibility and actually, more variety. […]

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Advantages of The First Look

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For Tulsa wedding venues, the First Look is a fairly new “thing” on the wedding scene. The First Look defined is when a special time and place is set up before the ceremony for the bride and groom to see each other for the first time. There are pros and cons to this new approach […]

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Keeping Faith in your Wedding Day

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Tulsa wedding venues can host many kinds of wedding ceremonies.  A large number of these ceremonies are Christian weddings with many couples integrating faith-based acts into their ceremony. If you are wanting to add a more spiritual emphasis to your wedding ceremony, consider adding some of these Christian-based actions into your special day! Testimony of […]