Plan a Stellar Business Event with These Simple Steps


White Barn Events, one of Tulsa wedding venues, are also open and available to host many types of business events. The following are some tips for planning an awesome business event.

Planning and executing a business event can be time-consuming on any scale, which is why at it’s so important to get organized from the very beginning. Having access to helpful resources for marketing and promoting your event, as well as doing your research on venues and setting a realistic budget, are key aspects that cannot go overlooked. Whether your goal is to garner new customers or celebrate the opening of a new location, your event needs to be spectacular. Here are a few ways you can ensure that it’s everything you want it to be:

Create a budget that works for you

Your event budget will need to encompass everything from the menu to the entertainment, and it’s a good idea to leave a little padding to cover unforeseen expenses. That means you’ll need to carefully do your research when it comes to finding a venue and hiring help for the big day. If you haven’t set a date for your event yet, consider what the busiest times of year are for companies that provide DJ, photography, and catering services; spring and early summer are key wedding months, which means many of those companies will be booked up. If you choose a date during a quieter season, you may be able to get a lower rate.

Promote your event and share it wide

Another aspect of your budget is promotion, so you’ll need to make sure you have a marketing strategy in place early on. Some of the most budget-friendly advertising methods include email blasts and social media ads, and you can create eye-catching marketing using a Facebook ad template that looks anything but DIY. Customize the format with your own colors, images, fonts, and branding info, and create an ad that will reach a wide audience across your business’s social media pages. You can also talk up your event on local podcasts or create a promo video that provides a fun preview to garner interest.

Make safety a priority

Because you’ll be promoting your event far and wide, you’ll need to be prepared for the number of guests that will show up. Selling tickets or providing passes for those who sign up is a great way to get a headcount and keep track of visitors, but it’s also essential to plan for their safety once they’ve arrived. Large events should always have signage to point guests in the right direction, easy access to parking and restrooms, and elevators or ramps rather than stairs only to ensure accessibility for all abilities. If your event will be a major undertaking, you might even consider hiring security or an event planner who can help you coordinate the day’s schedule and keep things moving.

Make cleanup a breeze

Every venue will have its own rules about cleanup, so it’s important to look over your contract carefully and make sure you understand your responsibilities once you’ve put down a deposit. There are many good options in the Tulsa wedding venues market. Cleanup can be time-consuming, and if you’re tasked with making sure the venue is set back to rights, you may have a time limit as well. If possible, make a plan to assign certain individuals with the job of overseeing cleanup and making sure your equipment or belongings are packed up.

Planning and hosting an event is a big job, but with the right resources, you can pull it off without a hitch. Do your research well ahead of time and create a timeline that will allow you to prepare for things like social media promotion and booking the best venue and services.

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Guest Blog by: Erin Reynolds

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