Stunning Printable Table Numbers to Complete Your Centerpiece

We at Tulsa wedding venues know that a lot of work goes into planning a wedding. There are so many details that need to be accomplished. All of the details are what make your wedding unique! Most Tulsa wedding venues provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding, but you will always want to add your personal details to make it your own.

After you have decided on what your guest tables will look like, next you need to decide if you are planning on having a seating chart. A seating chart is helpful in many ways. Instead of having guests decide and find their own places to sit and dine, a seating chart insures everyone gets a seat and makes the transition to the reception much easier and less stressful.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share these gorgeous printable table numbers from Shutterfly. They come in nine different designs that are sure to complement your wedding’s theme and color scheme. They’re also customizable to the number of dinner tables you’ll be having and are easy to place with a sign holder or a small frame.

They include everything from a minimalist chic to an intricate chalkboard design so pick one that matches your style below! Browse through all the styles and decide which one would work best with your Tulsa wedding venues and your style and design.

Adding thoughtful details and touches to your wedding day can help things run smoothly and ensure a good time for you and your guests. Thoughtful considerations like providing a small bottle of sunscreen in their welcome bags during your summer wedding or flip flops to keep the party going will allow them to focus on celebrating your day and just having a good time. All of these details add that personal touch that makes your day extra special!

Take the time to go over all the details of your day and decide which details you want to focus on. There are so many directions that details can take you. Concentrate on the ones that mean the most to you!

Blog contribution from Janey Velasco

Image by Shutterfly

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