This One is for You Boys!

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Most of the time we are giving brides advice on how to make their Tulsa wedding venues wedding perfect. But this one’s for you boys!

Guys, your fiance has been thinking about her big wedding day for some time now. She’s going to have a lot on her plate with planning, picking out color schemes, and all the details that are going to bring this special day together.

Your role is to help make this job easier for her. There are some things that only your help will require and other duties that will be yours alone. This is the perfect time to show your support and show that you’re involved.

Here are 6 quick tips to help you, help your bride when it comes to the wedding planning.

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Go the extra mile

Don’t stop at just doing the jobs she assigns you. Go the extra mile to show her that you are involved and that you care. Ask her what you can do to help. Be involved when she is making big decisions. Go with her to visit vendors. Help her decide which Tulsa wedding venues is perfect for you. Pay attention to her and pick up the slack when needed.

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Do your part

Do your part, and do it well! When your bride gives you a job to do, make sure you do it with excellence! She is going to be so busy planning the rest of the wedding and concerning herself with all of the important details she must do. Let her know she can rely on you!

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Constructive Opinions

When she asks for your opinion on something, make sure it’s not only honest, but helpful as well! Making all of the decisions for a wedding can be extremely stressful. When she is asking your opinion, she is asking you to help make a decision. When you do give opinions, don’t just throw them out into the open sea. Make them constructive. When you rule something out you don’t like, offer a different option as well. It’s your big day as well as hers, and she values your opinion.

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Since this process can be stressful, do what you can to show her you care and value everything that she is doing. Speak her love language. Give her words of affirmation. Leave her little love notes. Send her to get her nails done. Give her a little present. There are many ways you can show your support.

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Shape up together

When most brides are preparing for their wedding, they buckle down into a workout and/or healthy eating routine to prep for the big day. They want to look perfect in their dream dress, on their honeymoon, but especially for you. Don’t wait until you are married to encourage each other in a healthy lifestyle, do it now! Go to the gym together, cook healthy meals together, and hold each other accountable. If your bride wants to shape up, take the initiative and shape up together!

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While your bride takes lead on planning the special day, she may ask you to take lead on planning what comes after. The honeymoon! She may ask you to surprise her on the location. If you decide together what kind of destination you’d like, take charge in booking everything.

Many say that this is a stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be. You are planning the start of the rest of your lives together and that is exciting! While these are just a few tips, there are many more things you can do to help your bride and prepare yourself for the wedding in this amazing article. Check out imanscape’s perfectly detailed article on everything you need to know. Whether you’re helping make decisions, like which Tulsa wedding venues to choose, or simply cooking dinner for your bride after a long day of planning, there are many ways to relieve wedding stress as seen in this blog. Remember boys, you asked her to marry you so help her out on the big day!



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