Pros and Cons of Hiring Hair and Make Up for your Wedding

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Tulsa wedding venues see many, many hair and make up professionals at their weddings. And why not? Hiring someone to do your hair and make up would seem to definitely make your wedding day easier right? Well, you would think so. Tulsa wedding venues can probably recommend some good ones but they could also probably tell you some to steer away from. What is the purpose of hiring someone to do “you” on your big day? What are the pitfalls? What are the perks? We will explore both of these avenues in full and hopefully give you the information you need to make a wise and informed decision on what you want to do on your wedding day!

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Let’s start with the Perks! The obvious perk is having a professional doing your hair and make up. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone doing your hair make up every day and especially on one of the most important days of your life! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let someone make you into the most beautiful bride of your dreams! Having someone do this for you definitely takes off the pressure of you having to do it yourself. Professionals have a knack and knowledge of what will make you look your best. Most hair and make up professionals encourage you do to a dry run before the actual event. This is a must! You want to make sure you both know what you are wanting on your big day and what will look best. A trial run will accomplish this and make your wedding day even less stressful. The job of the hair and make up artist is to transform you into the bride of your dreams. They have, hopefully, years of experience and should be good at their job. The perks then of hiring out your hair and make up:

  1. Putting that job into the hands of a capable professional
  2. Making your wedding day less stressful
  3. Taking a job off of you and putting it on someone else
  4. Getting the best possible you for your big day

Well, we looked at the obvious perks, but what are some of the pitfalls. Unfortunately, Tulsa wedding venues have also seen some failures in this area. Some brides have not been happy with their transformations.  Sometimes you get a make up artist that doesn’t listen to the bride and just does what they want and the bride isn’t happy with the result. Sometimes they come ill equipped and this creates even more stress for the bride. Some brides have had to ask their “professionals” to pack up and go and they had to end up doing their own. Make up is a personal thing and it is important that your make up artist listens to you, the bride, to make sure they understand what you are wanting and what works best with you. There isn’t much worse then paying someone to make you into a beautiful bride but then being totally dissatisfied with the results. This is the worst scenario and unfortunately it does happy.


How to avoid the Pitfalls:

  1. Vet your choices thoroughly
  2. Check reviews
  3. Do a trial run
  4. Best case scenario is using someone you have used before and loved their results

So there are pros and cons to this decision so make sure you make the best possible decision for you. Here are two sites that can help you with that choice: wedding wire and Pros&Cons.

Putting yourself into the hands of someone on the big day is definitely a big step and it should be with someone you trust. After all, this is your day to shine!

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