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Tulsa wedding venues get to host such beautiful and memorable weddings. Having the perfect wedding entails a lot of details! From the overall decisions of the big day like the venue, catering, florals, etc. to the smaller details like your wedding dress and trousseau. So many details with so much thought! Once you have chosen your favorite Tulsa wedding venues to host your wedding, there are countless decisions to make and all of them should be made with your dreams and desires in mind. This is about you and your big day after all!

In the flurry of getting ready for the big day, it can be easy to forget the smaller details, such as which perfume you’ll wear as you tie the knot. While this may seem like a relatively insignificant detail, the scent you choose is actually incredibly important. You may want to stick with your signature scent or explore and find something different!

The olfactory function, or sense of smell, is one of the most powerful senses and is closely linked with memory. This means that the fragrances you and your sweetheart choose to wear at your wedding will stay with you for the rest of your life. Every time you smell a similar scent, you’ll be reminded of your special day. Your wedding day scent will hold lasting memories for years to come!

With this in mind, how do you pick the perfect scent for such a milestone? Take this perfume quiz by FragranceX to find the perfume that matches your personality. The quiz and flowchart both ask a series of personality questions that can help you narrow down the right scent family for you.

Paying attention to the smaller details brings the personalization you will ultimately want. Drilling down to your favorite lipstick, hairstyle, and fragrance will make you feel ultra special on your big day! This is your day to shine so make the decisions that will help you feel the most beautiful! Enjoy your special day at your Tulsa wedding venues and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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