Advantages of The First Look

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For Tulsa wedding venues, the First Look is a fairly new “thing” on the wedding scene. The First Look defined is when a special time and place is set up before the ceremony for the bride and groom to see each other for the first time. There are pros and cons to this new approach so each couple must decide if this is for them or not. There are many discussions on this topic. The advantages are both practical and sentimental.

Pre-Wedding Photos

The number one advantage to The First Look is it provides the opportunity for a more complete photo session to happen prior to the actual wedding ceremony. The couple can get a lot of the photo log done and checked off before the wedding so they can enjoy the ceremony and after the ceremony more completely. It eliminates the stress of getting a long list of photos done right after the ceremony. This is also an advantage that your guests will appreciate. Sometimes the photo session after the wedding can be lengthy and cause a lull in your planned reception. This is the practical advantage of The First Look and many Tulsa wedding venues are on board to help the bride and groom make this happen.

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Capturing the Sentimental Moment

Another advantage that is both sentimental and practical is capturing this moment for the bride and groom in private and through the lens of the camera. Setting up The First Look in relative privacy can create a special and sentimental moment for the bride and groom. They can see each other for the first time, in their own time, in their own setting, and practically on their own. This can make for sweet memories. And in practicality, it captures this moment better because the photographer is able to get more up close and personal and be more creative. These pictures can be some of the most treasured pictures from your wedding camera roll.

Calming for the Bride and Groom

The First Look can also be advantageous for calming the nerves for both the bride and groom. You are seeing each other before the actual ceremony so you know that each other is present and hasn’t bailed or isn’t running late. Even though it doesn’t happen often, I think both the bride and the groom sometimes wonder in the back of their minds if the other person will actually show up! Seeing each other before the ceremony eliminates this worry and gives each other the assurance that their beloved is there and ready to be man and wife.

While this is definitely not a given practice in Tulsa wedding venues, it is definitely becoming more popular and being done more often. It is something the bride and groom must decide together if they want to do. The advantages are there, but the pull of past traditions is also strong. Whatever the couple decides, the first look is a special moment whether done before the ceremony in private, or during the ceremony in the company of many witnesses.

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