Bargain Prices on Wedding Venues

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If you are looking for a bargain on Tulsa wedding venues, there are some basic things you can look at to get a less expensive price. If you are willing to be a little flexible, you might just find that you can get the venue you want at an unbelievable price. First of all, you will need to be open to having your wedding on other days than Saturday. Then you should look for discounts at nonpeak times of the year. Finally, ask if there are some things you can do to discount the price.

Pick Another Day of the Week Besides Saturday for Your Wedding

It seems when brides are looking at the day they want to get married, they automatically pick a Saturday. It is understandable since it is the most convenient day of the week to get married. Be open to having your big day on another day such as Friday or Sunday. You will most likely find that most venues offer cheaper rates on other days. Since Saturday is prime, most Tulsa wedding venues reserve that day for their most expensive package price. If the venue you are looking at doesn’t advertise a cheaper rate for off days, be sure and ask. Even if they don’t advertise, they will most likely quote you a cheaper price for a non-Saturday. Consequently, Fridays and Sundays can be great days for a wedding!

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Look for NonPeak Times of the Year

Another way to get additional discounts from your venue is to ask about nonpeak pricing. Many Tulsa wedding venues will offer cheaper rates for different times of the year that they consider nonpeak. Usually outdoor venues have nonpeak months when it is the hottest such as July and August, and when it is the coldest such as January and February. Even climate controlled venues will sometimes offer nonpeak rates just to fill up their calendars. Consequently, this is another item that may not be advertised but is worth the ask.

Ask if You Can Do Anything to Discount the Price

Another noteworthy thing to do is to ask your wedding venue if there is anything you can do in exchange for a discounted price. Some venues will knock off hundreds of dollars if you are willing to do all the setup, tear down, and cleaning. Although it isn’t glamorous, it is one way to save money. Other venues might let you barter. If you are planning on buying some decor or other wedding items, they may consider discounting the price in exchange for decor or other items.  Or if you or your fiancé or someone in your family is handy, some family-owned venues will trade out needed labor for repairs or additions. In most cases, it is a win-win for everyone.

In conclusion, the key thing to remember is to be open and flexible when booking your venue. And don’t be afraid to ask several questions about discounts. You might be surprised at what the answers are. So be bold and direct and hopefully you will walk away from your negotiations with a contract from your dream venue that is totally in your price range!

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