Be a Blessing!

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At Tulsa wedding venues with Covid dominating the wedding season of 2020, there are definitely some key takeaways to always remember. We can look at this as a blessing or a curse. At White Barn, our Tulsa wedding venues, we decided to look at it as a blessing because of everything we have learned. This helps us adjust to future weddings and circumstances. Here are the key takeaways:

Be Positive

Wow! A positive attitude can go a long way! Being positive is a decision but it has great power. Your positivity can affect all those around you. With Covid and possible changes that might come to your wedding, having a positive attitude will make it easier for all those involved in your wedding. Your positivity will affect your bridal party, your vendors, and your family. Your positive attitude may affect others to have the same positive attitude. It’s infectious, in a good way!

Be Flexible

Being flexible is definitely a must in any wedding circumstance but it definitely carries more weight this year! You have to be flexible to everyone’s new standards, circumstance, and changes. Being flexible will allow you to change a date without getting upset. It can allow you to change your theme from one season to the next. Those spring weddings have now become fall weddings, so you have to be flexible with your colors and décor! But embrace the change and go with it. Let loose your creativity and be flexible with anything that comes your way!

Be Fearless

Being fearless is important in any situation because it’s counterproductive to let fear dominate you. You can instead dominate the fear with courage and faith! There are always unknowns and dangers in this world. But you shouldn’t let them control you. You should live your life with courage and tenacity and face each day with an attitude of faith that can move mountains! Why live in fear when the alternatives are so much better! When we live in fear, we miss out on all life has to offer! It’s a dead-end way to live. Turn your fear into never-ending faith and courage and see what happens!

So at our Tulsa wedding venues here at White Barn, we have faced every challenge head one. We have been positive, flexible, and courageous. It’s actually been pretty amazing!

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