What to Choose for Your Wedding Send-Off

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The time-honored tradition of sending off the newly wedded couple in style is still the rage for brides in many Tulsa wedding venues. But making the decision of what to actually use for your big send-off can be daunting. There are many choices out there and pretty much anything goes which makes for a lot of creativity and fun. Some choices are traditional while some are a little more unconventional and some items are not allowed at all Tulsa wedding venues. So, for the big send off we are looking at three types: traditional and biodegradable tossers, fun but messy tossers, and non-tossers.

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Traditional and Biodegradable Tossers

Nothing says time-honored tradition as much as tossing rice at the end of the wedding. And rice is making a big comeback now! Contrary to popular belief, rice, in fact, is not harmful to birds. A website called truthorfiction.com helped us stamp out this urban legend.Speaking of birds, another more traditional tosser is bird seed. This can definitely seem eco-friendly and great for the birds but some venues don’t like bird seed because it attracts birds to their space leaving lots of bird poop behind! Some biodegradable tossing options are flower petals, leaves for a fall wedding, and lavender which makes for a great scent (send) off!

Fun But Messy Tossers

Some other tossing options that have become popular are glitter, confetti, and streamers. These can make for some great and colorful photo moments. The colors and sparkles look great in pictures. These items can also be pretty cheap. A great place to purchase them is at Oriental Trading. But though these are colorful and festive, they do have some drawbacks. When the bride is gone and the clean up crew comes in, it makes for some time consuming and difficult clean up. Many wedding venues including some Tulsa wedding venues don’t allow these items because of the hard clean up. Or if they do allow them, it is up to the families to make sure and leave the venue spotless. So while they look great in pictures, they can be a little less glamorous when clean up time comes around!


Instead of throwing things for the big send off, some other alternatives, non-tossers, have become increasingly popular. Holding sparklers over the new couple is an awesome and fairylike finish to your fairytale wedding. These work best in the evening hours of course. Another idea for an evening send off is glow sticks. These look cool and colorful as the couple makes their exit through the wands. Another option that looks good in the daytime is colorful balloons. These work best if they are helium filled. And, you can make lots of children happy afterward when they get to bring them home! Another fun and colorful idea are ribbon wands. They may take some time and work to prepare, but they are certainly fun and festive. All of these send offs are favorites for wedding venues because there is no mess after the happy couple leaves!

One of the best wedding send-offs that a lot of couples are choosing is bubbles. Bubbles are great for day or night weddings. They are inexpensive, require no prep, and absolutely no clean up after. They look fabulous in pictures and definitely bring out everyone’s inner child. But whatever the bride and groom choose for their wedding exit, it is important for all the guests to participate in the big send off. It is the finale to their special day and every one of their family and friends should jump in and make it extra special!

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