Having to Change your Date

At Tulsa weddings venues and beyond, couples are having to change their wedding dates. This can be a daunting task but if we take it one step at a time, we can conquer it without too much stress. And all Tulsa wedding venues and wedding venues all over the country want couples to have the most enjoyable and stress-free experience with their weddings! Here are a few ideas and suggestions to help you on the road to making a successful date change.

Things to consider

Changing your date unfortunately sometimes happens. Your new date will of course depend upon availability and what time of year you want as far as the climate. Sometimes you will have to change the day of the week you initially had but it is more important to go with the climate you want rather than what day of the week you can have.

Changing the date might also affect what time your actual ceremony will take place. You will want to consider sunset times if they are different than your original date. Check with your photographer for recommendations.

Your color scheme could potentially change but if you are okay with it, we recommend keeping things the same as much as possible to make all the details less stressful.

Your honeymoon plans will change so you will need to think about that. Some options to consider are planning a mini honeymoon closer to home and then planning something bigger later.

First things to do:

Let Your Guests Know your Date is Postponed – If you don’t have your new date confirmed yet, you can send out an e-card to let your guests know your date is postponed and new information will follow soon. This takes the pressure off of everyone. Then when the new date is planned, you can send out another e-card with your new date. You can also print your cards again. We recommend checking with your original printer/stationer to see if they are offering any discounts for couples in this situation.

Wedding Website – Update your wedding website to let people know of your delay and your new date when it is decided. You can also keep people “in the know” about rehearsals, showers, and any other plans that are affected by the change.

Here is a checklist to help ease your pain!

-Select new date

-Let family and wedding party know

-Update all your vendors

-Let all your guests know


-Invite with new date

-Change honeymoon plans

-Alter rehearsal and day of plans

-Update wedding website

Tulsa weddings venues and beyond feel for all the couples that have to change and alter their wedding day plans. This is not a situation you would want to find yourselves in but sometimes, life calls for us to do what we must. We are with all the couples in this situation. Love will prevail!

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