Venue Provided Decor

At Tulsa Wedding Venues, we see may weddings in a year. All of them are different and unique. We love to see all the different ceremonies and receptions! What a great day it is for the couple and their family and friends. We can’t think of a more special day to share with out couples!

Sometimes at all Tulsa wedding venues, the planning process can be daunting for the couples! We at our Tulsa wedding venues like to provide some included décor to help make the process a little simpler for the client. If they don’t have to worry about some of the basic décor, it can help relieve some of the stress of the day!

What are some of the décor that is included at White Barn Wedding Venue? Well, we have a pool of items that should help every couple. Here is a list of the items:

Basic Wedding Signs:

We provide a lot of the basic wedding signs so the couple does not have to spend money on something they will use only once. It is a great advantage and cuts down on needless spending. Some of the included signs are:

Pick a Seat not a Side

Sign the Guestbook

Gifts and Cards

Mr and Mrs

And other signs!

Jars and Vases:

We at White Barn Events also provide a collections of jars and vases for your floral needs! They range from basic cylinder vases and mason jars to some decorated options. Theses vases/jars may be used for real or fake flowers. Whichever you choose should work just great! This helps in hauling all of those breakable items to the venue for a more stress-free day!

Other Items:

Some other items provided by White Barn is a cute and wonderful picture screen. This holds up to 45 photos! Couples love to use them to display their engagement photos or their dating through the years or whatever they decide. It is a cute wood and twine stand that fits with any type of décor. The tiny clothespins to hang the pictures are also included!


White Barn also provides some great lanterns to fill in where extra décor is needed. We have 4 large silver lanterns and 4 large bronze lanterns. These are already set with led lights so you don’t have to worry about that! Clients like the freedom to use these inside or outside the barn or wherever is needed.

Centerpiece Items:

Another great item White Barn has is the wood cuts for table centerpieces. We have lots of these to choose from! Clients like to use them as a center piece for their guest tables and then like to put florals and other items on top for a cute and unique display. We also have some little lanterns that can be used with your florals to put on top of these cute wood cuts.


We also have a lot of chalkboards to personalize anything the client might want. We have two large free standing boards and some medium and small chalkboards for use. This is great when the couple wants to say something special, or display the menu, or any other instruction for the reception or ceremony.

By providing these basic items, it is our hope to make the day easier and less expensive and stressful for the bride and groom. What better way to help the couple on their special day than to help with the planning process in some way. We feel we are unique in that we provide these items for couples. They are part of any package that White Barn offers. See our pricing packages here: White Barn Packages. It’s our way of saying Thank You for Choosing us for your Special Day!



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