Smaller Weddings are Trending!

At Tulsa weddings venues, we have seen a trend to smaller, less complicated weddings. It seems to be a trend that is gaining speed! And why not? Smaller weddings can be just as fun as larger weddings and come with a lot less money, time, and stress. Let’s focus on some of the advantages a smaller wedding brings.

Less Money

So a smaller weddings theoretically will cost a less money. Less money spent on the caterer, the desserts, and usually the venue! Most venues will offer a deal if you are having a smaller wedding which requires less work for them and less hours overall.  Smaller weddings would be considered to be around 50 to 100 people.  You can actually be more creative with your catering and still spend a lot less money with a smaller guest count. Check out this great article at elite!

Less Time Spent Planning

So even though the wedding is smaller, you would still need the same amount of time to plan, right? Well, not really. You will have less of a guest list to fuss over, your options will be greater for your vendors since you need less, and the actually wedding day will require less time because your set up will be faster.

Less Stress

This is the biggie. You will definitely feel less stress when choosing to organize a smaller gathering. You won’t have the headaches of trying to please a whole slew of people and you won’t be reaching out and keep track of as many guests. You will also have less stress on your wedding day and be able to enjoy more time spend with the people who are there. You will feel the pressure to meet and greet a large crowd of friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Less people, less pressure

So overall a smaller wedding has many advantages which is what most Tulsa weddings venues are finding out and that is why many of their clients are choosing this option. But don’t take our word for it, go check out some Tulsa weddings venues and see what they have to offer in the area of smaller guest count packages. Check out White Barn’s package prices for smaller weddings. You might be pleasantly surprised!



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